What is epilepsy? It is a disorder of the central
nervous system characterized by loss of consciousness
and convulsions. This is a type of brain disorder
which is also referred to as a mental illness.

Now that you know the definition for epilepsy lets
take a look at the definition for psychiatry.

Psychiatry is a medical specialty or branch of medical
science that deals with non-surgical techniques and
practices for dealing with the diagnosis and treatment
of mental illness such as epilepsy.

In Matthew 17:14-21, Mark 9:14-29, and Luke 9:37-42
Jesus heals an epileptic boy by rebuking a demonic
spirit simply by displaying faith in God.

Matthew 17:18 – And Jesus rebuked the devil; and he
departed out of him: and the child was cured from that
very hour.

Jesus’ actions points out that sometimes mental
illnesses are caused by demonic unclean spirits. He
goes on to explain the reason His disciples wasn’t
able to cast out the demon was because they didn’t
have enough faith, but never the less this kind of
demonic spirit can come forth by nothing, but by

Consider also Jesus response to his disciples as to
why they couldn’t drive out the demon. In Matthew he
says it is because of their unbelief (little faith).
But in Mark he says that this kind could only come out
by prayer and fasting.

If we combine these two we might conclude that their
faith in God’s ability to heal the epileptic boy
needed to be at a higher level in order for them to be
able to cast out this type of demonic spirit with out
using PRAYER AND FASTING as Jesus did by rebuking the

This also means that the Jesus like way to deal with
mental illnesses would be to pray and fast with fellow
believers in your church. The results you get is
largely dependent on your faith in God to heal the
sick person in question.

In contrast the psychiatric way would be to sit you
down ask you questions about your child hood life and
prescribe you with the latest anti-depressant drugs

If you know anything about psychiatry you know that
the most they can ever really do for the treatment of
their patients is to prescribe some type of drug which
is big business in the medical field.

These Drugs never really cure the patients of the
illness itself but instead covers it up and makes
people dependant on outside substances.

What’s more, alot of the time these substances are
very addictive with dangerous side effects.

For example: Specific prescription drugs and
medications used for the treatment of epilepsy include
the following:

Depakote, Dilantin, Neurontin, Tegretol, Klonopin,
Lamictal, Mysoline, Phenobarbital and Topomax.

Due to the changing nature of medicine and the
progression of medication regimens, of course, this
list may not be all that is available.

Lets take depakote for instance it can cause liver
damage. This effect is usually mild and temporary, but
could become permanent or severe. When it does happen,
this effect usually occurs during the first six months
of Depakote therapy.

Of courseFree Web Content, most people with epilepsy and their close
family members and friends may feel like they have no
choice but to take the prescribed drugs because they
lack the faith required to FAST AND PRAY as Jesus

If this is the case I would suggest that you seek out
a group of Christians and ask them to help you in

The combined faith of a group of people could put you
over the top and get you or your loved one healed
without having to gamble with addiction or harmful
side effects by taking psychiatric drugs.


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