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From Pierre Teilhard de Chardin this cosmic amassing of Christ as “Christogenesis.” According to Teilhard, the universe is engaged in Christogenesis as it evolves toward its full realization The following posts refer to our teaching as EMMI Christian Unitarian, a nontrinitarian organization that exploits or uses the term “Cosmic Christ” meaning in our theology..

Our website dedicated to the Universal Christ Teaching and Practices. We present in these pages the information to get you started on your quest of this wonderful journey of discovery of the Universal God,

About the Universal Christ or Cosmic Christ

The Cosmic Christ is a view of Christology which emphasizes the extent of Christ’s concern for the cosmos. The biblical bases for a cosmic Christology is often found in Colossians, Ephesians, and the prologue to the Gospel of John. In the modern period, a renewed interest in the cosmic Christ would arise among a number of Western scholars interested in developing an eco-theology.

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was among the first to speak again of a cosmic Christ in the 1920s and 1930s. He understood the Incarnation as bringing the historical Christ into the material world and, through evolution, leading all of creation towards perfection in the Omega Point.

Please Note:

That our vision of the Cosmic Christ is not the one of the Catholic Church.




We are a monotheist organization who regard God our Father as the only one God

The Spiritual Classes

We provide comprehensive teaching to encourage your spiritual growth via a continuous multi-media presentation and along the way written exams and compliant certificates are giving to our students.

We consider ourselves Christian and as such we use The Bible a book that has influenced the course of world history. Be aware that our courses are not only Biblical but also of general knowledge in science, history, geography, metaphysic and we also cover our main topic the PARANORMAL

Also a view on GOD and gods, religions, the soul, a new definition of sins, and the end of time, also you will be practicing meditation.

We Learn Best When We Learn Together

You will start learning in a worship environment where it fosters your personal growth and consciousness.

PRICE: We are a Non-for-profit organization, we ask only for donations.

TOOLS: You can use your own portable, tablet or cellular, please note we cannot provide any Internet connection. You might need a notebook and pen.

EMMI Thomas Judas is located in the Brownsburg Quebec area is making disciples who make disciples. Our spiritual way of teaching gives disciple or small group leader an understanding of spiritual growth, as we are delighted to offer an extraordinary series of profound and practical metaphysical programs in Divinity Learning.

At EMMI Thomas Judas, we are devoted with a passion of seeking out answers for the unexplainable. As minister-educators, we think that it is important to make the truth, the facts, and the theories available to our students in a way that is comprehensive and understandable.

This course is designed to give you a deeper insight into the world of faith and paranormal vision. If you possess an open mind, you will discover that the reality goes further than a simple view of the spiritual world, the essential characteristics of our teaching require a cautious approach backed up with a methodology.

The provided information will prepare you to establish yourself with strong knowledge in the spiritual world, the Book of Scripture and the Book of Nature. The notion that a ghost, poltergeist or other entity inhabits your home crossed your mind, you will learn a new way to understand the phenomena. The prayer how it is working and how it leads to spiritual healing.

Whatever your spiritual path has prompted your own investigation into the world of faith, this comprehensive course will initiate you into an exciting, relatively unexplored area of study that will change the way you look at the world around you forever.

In an all-inclusive, class is constructed around convenience. You’ll have to organize your schedule to be free on Friday night o participate. Get ready to learn the essentials of paranormal and supernatural! Were you aware that there are actually different kinds of spiritual paths that can really impact how you’ll carry out and follow through!

Despite the general critical opinion in faith-based research among the skeptic and the fundamentalist community, our teaching is perhaps among the noblest of disciple callings because it directly impacts the human condition. Research has the potential to make life-changing in human existence and our place in the Cosmos.

Our teaching is designed to give you a practical understanding of the spiritual world as it will improve your knowledge of myths and realities associated with the supernatural.

Archb. Eric Michel


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