Who Wrote The Bible? Episode 5: The Gospels & Acts

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Who Wrote the Bible? Series:

Episode 1: Torah (Pentateuch)

Episode 2: Prophets

Episode 3: Writings

Episode 4: Apocrypha

Episode 5: Gospels & Acts

Episode 6: Epistles
Coming Oct. 15, 2021

Episode 7: Daniel & Revelation
Coming Nov. 12, 2021

Bonus Episode: The Quran
Coming: Dec. 10, 2021

Recommended Reading:

Stein, Robert H. (2001). Studying the Synoptic Gospels: Origin and Interpretation. Baker Academic.

MacDonald, Dennis R. (2012). Two Shipwrecked Gospels: The Logoi of Jesus and Papias’s Exposition of Logia about the Lord. Society of Biblical Literature.

Levine, Amy-Jill & Brettler, Marc Zvi, ed. (2017). The Jewish Annotated New Testament (NRSV). Oxford.


Charts & Narration by Matt Baker

Animation by Syawish Rehman

Audio Editing by Jack Rackam

Intro music “Lord of the Land” by Kevin MacLeod and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution license 4.0. Available from http://incompetech.com

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