Myths and Misconceptions About the Native Tribes of North America

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10. They were primitive tribes of hunter-gatherers
9. They had no concept of land ownership
8. The European and later American settlers broke every treaty made with them
7. They lived in humble dwellings of earth, wood, and animal skins
6. They were a largely egalitarian society
5. The Southwestern tribes roamed the deserts and mountains
4. The New World was sparsely settled at the time of Columbus
3. The North American natives did not engage in warfare with each other
2. Their religions were based on a Great Spirit
1. They grew only simple crops to supplement their diets of meat and fish

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Cahokia: City of the Sun:  Explanatory Sign at Cahokia Mounds
Image from page 171 of "The story of our nation, from the earliest discoveries to the present time ... together with a graphic account of Porto Rico, Cuba, Hawaii and the Philippine islands .." (1902),_Monument_Valley.jpg


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